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A good family friend has been paying for her house but the landlord never told her she had to pay lot rent, so she is about to lose her home unless she comes up with 3,000$ by the end of the week!
Please reblog, spread the word and help her raise some money. I’d hate to see her and her two kids lose their home

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plucking your eyebrows is legitimately very stressful because you pull out one wrong hair and it’s game over

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dont talk to me unless you have this haircut

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Construction workers have been outside my house since like 7 am and they’re so freaking loud wtf


Yes im of european descent, yes i have dreads. But dreads are my culture too, irish men had them i think. Everyone had dreads until combs were invented. Leave me alone :(

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Shut the fuck up. I personally wouldn’t get a tattoo by her but I never said anything bad about her artwork/tattoos you little cry baby bitch. If she doesn’t care about tattoo safety when it comes to her body who’s to say she cares when it comes to mine? & tattooing barefoot is nasty and unsanitary. You wouldn’t want someone to give you a tattoo bare handed right? No. It’s gross. Someone has an opinion, get over it



that’s ok mum

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peacocks look like they speak french

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